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10 Awesome Things You can Print for March

Miniatures and desktop gaming go hand in hand. This list consists of 3D models you can print as desktop displays for your home and office, to supplement your DnD nights, or build a diorama with your anime figurines and nendoroids. Travel Frog This popular cute frog is based on the Japanese game 旅かえる (tabikaeru), also known as Travel Frog. Now

7 Best Jewellery Design Software for 3D Printing

Before a 3D printer can start printing your jewellery model, you first need to work on a 3D file and create a 3D model for your jewellery with a 3D design software. There is no single software that dominates the market and is the most suitable for everyone. Every designer, whether beginner or experienced, has different needs, preferences, and objectives

Original 3D Printed Violin Challenges Musical Boundaries

3D printing has opened up the possibility of recreating exact replicas of antique instruments such as Stradivarius violins and the original saxophone mouthpiece invented by Adolphe Sax. It has also allowed the creation of instruments with unique shapes and characteristics tailored to the musician's needs. When violinist Sean Riley of University of Texas at Austin needed a six-string violin to

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